Individual Membership Constitution 

Type and Price of Memberships(This membership is limited):
Type of membership Nominated Selling Price(RMB) Annual Fee(RMB)
Individual Membership 1 Nominated 399,800 2,600

Payment Method of Membership and Annual Fee:
1. Full payment of the membership fee shall be paid once accepted as a member。
2. Annual subscriptions will commence from the date of member’s signature.。
3. Annual fees should be paid at one time in a month after the member joining the Club, the Club can take the annual fees for next year and the last month as long as the amount is paid in the calendar year.

Membership Privileges:
Upon enrollment and acceptance, Individual Member will receive the following in addition to standard club privileges per membership classification.
1. Anyone who is 21-years or older may apply for the individual membership。
2. Individual member can enjoy member’s rate for golfing and free range balls and putting green at the Drving Range, Lockcer Room without charge for life。
3、 3. The member’s guests (maximem of 7 persons)at one time can enjoy the member guest price as per the Club’s policy. Additional guests may be introduced with approval of the Club’s General Manager
4. Club provides special services for members, in areas of catering,locker room and healthe center etc。
5. Members will receive discounted rates asd per Club’s policy in all Restaurants,Driving Rang,Pro-shop,and Health Center etc. Prices will only be disclosed for the member’s information。

Membership Responsibility:
1. Applicant shall complete the prescribed application form and then wait for confirmation. The membership privileges, agreement of credit linits and the pattern of signature and payment of the entering fee will then be required. Bank details will be given by the Club in order ro submit payment。
2. The applicant shall submit color photograph (4 pieces), and one photocopy of the ID card。
3. The member shall book the golf game in advance and present the membership card at registration counter。
4. All member are subject to pay annual dues, if a member doesn’t pay one time, his rights will be terminated untill the annual due is remitted。
5. The member can enjoy the credit privileges, also have responsibility to pay for it on time. If the expenses amount is more than credit sum, the member should pay for it in a month after the notice by Club, the Club has the right to pause the using right and recover the overdue sum and other losses。
6. The members shall abide by rules, regulations, the byelaw and the constitution of the Club。
7. From time to time, the club reserves the right to revise existing rules appropriately to serve the members better。

Transfer of the Membership:
1. All membership stated above may be transferred, but only after one year as member. The membership holder shall submit a written application in order to proceed with the transfer. It then needs the approval of the Club。
2. Individual Membership can be transferred to other individual, transfer fee is 10% of the current prevailing, as set by the Club。

Notice of Credit Consumption:
1. Member should present membership card and effective signature as evidence when signing credit limits. Members enjoy the discount rate stated by club. The amount of credit limits of each member cannot exceed RMB8,000 yuan per month。
2. The member’s credit bills counts by month. The Club will mail the monthly statement to the member on the 1st day of each month. The monthly statement is based on the credit bills signed by the member. The mail address refers to the address on the Membership Application Form. The member should ensure the availability of the mail adress. Please inform the Club in writting if there is a change in mailing address。
3. After receiving the monthly statement, the member should remit the money listed in it in six working days, and inform the Club the result of remit as per the request manner。
4. If the member failed to execute the Article 3, the Club will send the second paying notice. If the member still fails to execute the Article 3, the Club will charge 5‰ overdue fine of the due consumption sum each day。
5. If a member has failed to remit his outstanding bill for three months, he will disqualified from signing credit until the bill is settled。

The above ariticles shall be subject to the Chinese version:
Remark: The interpretation of the above Articles of Membership shall be subject to the Hainan West Coast Golf Management Co.,Ltd

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