球会18洞特色球道 Introduction of the eighteen holes

第一洞  T  433码 4杆洞 1st Hole 433 yards Par 4  


The opening hole is quite long but has a generous driving area and plays to a small narrow green. A good hole to start your round.

第二洞  T  389码 4杆洞 2nd Hole 389 yards Par 4


This short hole offers the chance of a birdie if you hit the fairway with your tee-shot. An iron or a fairway wood is possible your best play.

第三洞  T  555码 5杆洞 3rd 555 yards Par 5


The 3rd hole is a long par 5 that dogleg‘s to the left and is well protected by water running the full length of the hole down the left side. This hole offers you a chance for a birdie depending on the pin position

第四洞  T 461码 4杆洞 4th 461 yards Par 4


Our 4th hole is a long part 4 that demands a strong tee-shot and a good second to a well protected green. This hole plays slightly uphill and par on t


第五洞  T 187码  3杆洞 5th Hole 187 yards Par 3


This picturesque par 3 is a water carry and has a huge putting green. This will certainly test your nerve.


第六洞  T  368码  4杆洞 6th Hole 368 yards Par 4


The 6th hole is a nice short par 4 with water all the way down the right side. By taking an iron from the tee you can position yourself for a birdie. The bunker on the right side of the green will play a big part depending on the pin position.


第七洞  T  557码  5杆洞 7th Hole 557 yards Par 5


This unique hole features a split fairway with large bunkers covering the middle of the fairway. When you stand on the tee you must decide to go right or left. The left side is the most dangerous but it is also the shortest. 

第八洞  T  212码  3杆洞 8th Hole 212 yards Par 3


This long par 3 features a large sloping green and always plays into the prevailing wind, so if it’s blowing you had better reach for the driver.

第九洞  T  471码  4杆洞  9th Hole 471 yards Par 4


With the clubhouse as the backdrop, this par 4 is not only spectacular but also very difficult. Once you have negotiated the cross bunkers you are then faced with a long second shot across water to a small green.


第十洞  T   418码  4杆洞 10th Hole 418 yards Par 4

This straightaway par 4 demands an accurate tee shot followed by a medium iron to a small but well bunkered green. The green is narrow and undulating.

第十一洞  T   552码  5杆洞 11th Hole 552 yards Par 5

A long drive is needed in order to set up your positioning on this hole. With bunkers both right and left finding the fairway is a must. This hole always plays into the prevailing wind and is certainly no easy par 5.

第十二洞  T   202码  3杆洞 12th Hole 202 yards Par 3
The 12th hole plays uphill and is heavily bunkered. The green is very fast and undulating. Making par on this hole is certainly a good score.


第十三洞 T   338码  4杆洞 13th Hole 338 yards Par 4


Perhaps one of the most beautiful views on the golf course. This short par 4 plays downhill to a small undulating green with a view of the ocean as well as the city in the background. A beautiful golf hole indeed.

第十四洞  T   476码  4杆洞 14th Hole 476 yards Par 4

This monster par 4 plays every bit of its distance and sometimes plays into the breeze. A split fairway enables the player an opportunity to test his strength and his accuracy. A well-positioned bunker guarding the green completes the challenge. 

第十五洞 T  436码  4杆洞  15th Hole 436 yards Par 4
Hole 15 is a dogleg to the left, which plays uphill for your second shot. The steep undulating green will certainly test your nerve. Once you have completed this hole, look back and discover nature at its best.


第十六  黑T  194码  3 杆洞 16th Hole 194 yards Par 3


This long par 3 plays all of its length and there is no room for error. Water extends all the way down the right side and bunkers guard the left side. If you find the green there is a good chance for birdie. 

第十七  黑T   536码   5杆洞 17th Hole 536 yards Par 5


Perhaps one of the most outstanding views in golf. This beautifully designed golf hole is breathtaking. The backdrop of this hole is the skyline of Haikou City, which stretches across the South China Sea. The 17th hole plays downhill and it demands a straight tee-shot in order to give you the opportunity of going for the green in two. The green is well guarded by bunkers and is certainly a risk reward hole.

第十八洞  T   482 码   4杆洞 18th Hole 482 yards Par 4


The 18th is perhaps the most difficult driving hole on the course. The hole plays downhill from the tee and then uphill for your second shot. The fairway is well bunkered and a stream runs across the fairway to catch the long hitters. The uphill second shot is very deceptive so take an extra club.